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Bundesliga: SVW vs BVB

Bremen vs Dortmund

In the last 8 rounds in the Bundesliga , Bremen do not know the smell of victory. In the early matches in this series, they still showed a certainty that made it difficult for quite a stubborn opponents like Frankfurt or Hoffenheim.

However, the more this team played, the more defects it revealed. The main consequence is the loss in the last 3 matches. Bremen is really weak now. They fell to 13th place on the Bundesliga rankings and were only 4 points ahead of the group holding the red light.

On the other side of the front line, Dortmund has also had a pretty bad performance recently when only winning 1 victory in the last 5 matches. More remarkable, they even had to receive a 1-5 defeat against a much weaker opponent, Stuttgart, at home. Immediately after this match, head coach Lucien Favre was sacked.

Can a serious crisis happen to the army in black and gold? The answer is no. The reason is, they have a very good lineup and have a lot of time together. Cohesion will help this collective overcome difficulties.

In terms of the quality of the squad, it is clear that Dortmund is much higher than the opponent. In the Bundesliga, they have only lost 3 matches since the beginning of the season. This match is a great opportunity for this team to regain the joy of victory.

In the last 4 defeats, there are 3 Bremen games to suffer at least 2 goals. Therefore, the handicap of the away team to receive according to the house odds today is not a big problem.

Bremen's defense system is very fragile. The midfield was completely inferior to the opponent, causing pressure to be put directly on the penalty area. In just the last 5 matches, this team has conceded 14 goals.

However, preventing Bremen from scoring is not easy. Since the beginning of the season, they've only played one match. Dortmund did not have a clean sheet in the last 5 matches.