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EFL: Cardiff vs Swans

Cardiff vs Swansea

The confrontation is quite attractive when both Cardiff and Swansea are having a good performance in this season.  After 17 rounds, Cardiff is currently ranked 9th on the bxh team, this team has 7 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses.  With the squad quality not so high, Cardiff's performance has been relatively good overall.

The performance of Cardiff players in recent matches is very impressive, the last 4 rounds Cardiff brought 12 full points, despite facing very difficult names like Stoke or Watford, but Cardiff  still show their bravery.  Coach and coach Harris play for sure, the last 2/4 victories of Cardiff are kept clean.  Once Cardiff have given the lead, the chance to turn things around is difficult.

In the next round, Cardiff will play at home and will continue to face another difficult opponent, Swansea, but in the English football match, Cardiff's chance of winning is still very high.

Because Swansea lacks the necessary stability, the last 3 rounds the swans won 1, drew 1 and lost 1 match.  Obviously, this is the result that can not bring peace of mind to the fans, when Swansea can fail at any time.

If you win in the next match, Cardiff will narrow the gap with Swansea to just 1 point.  Therefore, the home team is very focused and determined for this match.  And with its high form in recent matches, Cardiff promises to cause many difficulties for Swansea visitors.

Both teams have the best attack in the tournament, the last 4 matches Cardiff have scored 10 goals.  Meanwhile, Swansea has also had 3 goals in the last 3 rounds.  Obviously, with the goal that the two teams have set, they will play attacking in search of beneficial results.  So the match is likely to be very interesting.