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EFL Cup: Everton vs United

Everton's successes this season are promising them a tough hurdle for Manchester United in the quarter-finals of the League Cup 2020/21.

Everton -  League Cup


Everton's progress towards the quarterfinals of the English League Cup is not easy when the previous 16-team round of the Goodison Park home team had to face West Ham United. However, with his stability in the season, coach and coach Carlo Ancelotti was not too difficult to overcome the representative of London with a 4-1 win at home.

Entering the quarterfinals of the English League Cup this season was a lucky draw that brought Everton against a tough opponent for him, Manchester United. This is also the opponent that coach and coach Carlo Ancelotti used to receive 1-3 defeat at Goodison Park's home field in the Premier League this season. However, the upcoming rematch, coach Carlo Ancelotti's army is not considered as easy as before, but their performance is sublimating with 3 wins in the Premier League recently. Moreover, Everton is also a name that caused discomfort with Manchester United when they had up to 5 times holding opponents in 10 previous meetings. So with their flourishing performance, Everton fans can absolutely hope for a good result of their beloved team.

Manchester United - English League Cup


Meanwhile, Manchester United easily beat Brighton to be able to participate in the quarter-finals of the current English League Cup. This result shows that the Red Devils' ability in the domestic arena is always appreciated, even though in recent seasons they have lost their identity.

The performance of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's students in recent times is also maintaining stability with 2 consecutive victories to enter the top 4 leading Premier League this season. However, the English League Cup playing field with the Red Devils may not be the main goal and important because they have to participate in many other fronts such as the Europa League after being knocked out of the Champions League this season with that. Hope in the Premier League championship race has just returned to the team of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Therefore, it is understandable that Manchester United may not bring to Goodison Park their best team to serve other fronts. So the upcoming trip to Everton is also expected to be turbulent with Manchester United.