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EFL Cup: Stoke vs Spurs

Contributing to the quarter-finals of the League Cup this season with Stoke City has been a success for them. However, the ability of the first division representative to continue is not appreciated when their opponent is Tottenham in the quarterfinals.

Stoke City  - League Cup 

In the round of 16 of the English League Cup, although Stoke City had to be a guest against a name in the Premier League, Aston Villa, they had a victory to win the right to continue. This victory with coach Michael ONeill's team is very commendable because their opponents are still appreciated.

Not only the successes of the English League Cup this season, but with Stoke City in the English first division they are also reaping success. Specifically, the army of coach Michael ONeill is ranked 7th on the rankings after the first 20 matches and they are only 5 points behind the rank or with participating in the play-off round of the current promotion Stoke City is also only. ranked behind top 6 by sub-index. These are the successes for Stoke City because last season they only finished 15th in the final of the first division in England. Also in the current League Cup with coach Michael ONeill's team, encountering Tottenham will be a big challenge with his actual capacity. In the past, Stoke City also had 7/10 failures when facing the London city team.

Tottenham - English League Cup  

Meanwhile, Tottenham had to face Chelsea in the previous round of 16, but coaches and coaches Jose Mourinho completed their next goal in the English League Cup. This Tottenham success is also showing a season that is considered a success for them in all competitions.

In fact, the recent performance of Tottenham has stalled when the last 3 rounds of the Premier League, coach Jose Mourinho's army could not win with 1 draw and 2 defeats. From the top position and being a candidate for the championship, now "Rooster" has fallen to the 6th position of the Premier League. However, with the army of coach Jose Mourinho today, they are always considered one of the names capable of competing for the title in the domestic arena. This season's England League Cup with Tottenham is also one of his title goals and ambitions. The most advantageous for the ambition to continue is that their opponent is just Stoke City playing in the first division.