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EFL: Watford vs Brentford

Watford vs Brentford

Watford is aiming for a promotion ticket to play in the foggy country's No. 1 football tournament next season.  And they are slowly on the right track, after 18 rounds, Watford has won 9 wins and is currently ranked 3rd on the bxh.  The attack line was not too prominent, but the playing defense certainly helped Watford get important points.

In the last 2 rounds, Watford defeated Birmingham and Rotherham United 1-0 à 2-0, they were all underdogs compared to Watford and they played well, when they did not concede.  lose.  Besides, Watford's home field performance is also very impressive, after 9 home matches won Watford 7 matches.  Obviously, Watford's scores are mostly accumulated every time he plays on Vicarage Road.

The next round is returned to the home field and welcomes the opponent which is quite difficult to play, Brentford, but the teachers and coaches Ivic are very confident in being able to keep 3 points.  Remember, in the last 2 encounters with Brentford in official tournaments, Watford have both won.

Meanwhile, Brentford's performance is very erratic, in the last 3 matches, they drew 2 matches and only got 1 victory against the weak team, Nottingham Forest.  Obviously, having to clash with Watford has real power, the English football match is facing difficulties that await the Brentford visitors ahead.

Watford's home form in recent matches is very good, as they won 3/4 of their last home game.  That will put a lot of pressure on the Brentford visitors, when this team has not been in high form in recent matches.  It is likely that Brentford will have to lose in this confrontation.

The last 4 home matches Watford scored up to 9 goals.  Watford is a team that always plays with an attacking philosophy.  Plus the advantage of Watford Stadium is likely to overwhelm Brentford.  And with the pressure from the home team, it is only a matter of time before Brentford goes into the net to pick up the ball.