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EPL: Arsenal vs BFC

Arsenal vs Burnley

Sublimated in the Europa League this season, but in the Premier League Arsenal showed a lot of disappointment. Welcoming Burnley also did not show much in the season is an opportunity for the Gunners to improve their position and performance.

Arsenal  - Premier League

In the previous round Arsenal are preparing to step into the North London derby against Tottenham with a burning atmosphere. However, entering the match, coach Mikel Arteta's army returned to its disappointing face. Despite the complete control of the game on the field, with 2 goals in the first half, the Gunners once more empty-handed in the season.

Since the beginning of the season until now, Arsenal have had 6 failures in just 11 rounds this season. The achievement that coach Mikel Arteta's teachers and coaches have this season is the team's worst achievement after 3 decades, making their fans worry a lot. The upcoming 12th round the Gunners only have to welcome Burnley at home. With outstanding achievements in the past when winning 9/10 previous confrontations, Arsenal fans are hoping for the team to get 3 complete points. Above all, Mikel Arteta and his students must also understand because if they do not get a good result against Burnley, they can continue to sink to the bottom of the rankings.

Burnley - English Premier League 

On the other side of the field, Burnley has not too bad results in recent years. In their last 4 rounds, the home team lost only Manchester City while they won 1 and drew 2 rounds. Burnley is also currently closing the gap with the safe group when they are only 1 point less than Fulham.

There are significant improvements in the past few years but with Burnley this season they are no longer their own identity. The home team Turf Moor is a stubborn name in the Premier League and constantly creates surprises this season, they are showing their weakness. On the other hand, Burnley's weak point is scoring against his opponent's net after 10 rounds of matches took place with him, but coach and coach Sean Dyche have only 5 goals. This is a worrying number for Burnley when their defense has received 18 goals from the beginning of the season so far.