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EPL: Arsenal vs SaintsFC

Arsenal vs Southampton

Arsenal continues to show a weak performance this season when they are ranked 15th on the rankings. Welcoming Southampton who are in the spirit of excitement today with the Gunners will be a big challenge for them.

Arsenal - Premier League

Despite having the home advantage and only having to welcome Burnley who is in the bottom group of the rankings, once again the teachers and coaches made the fans disappointed when they had to lose 0-1 against the opponent. This is also the 7th loss that Arsenal have received after only 12 rounds of their matches is really sad for their fans.

In the upcoming 13th round, coach Mikel Arteta and his teachers continue to have the advantages at home, but the Gunners' opponent this time will be Southampton with a much higher difficulty than Burnley in the season. solution. This is obviously a difficult challenge for coach Mikel Arteta and his students because if they continue to show a face like the previous rounds, they can continue to immerse themselves in the difficulties. this season. Moreover, Arsenal's current style of play is also lacking in the midfield mutation or the stability of the home team's main strikers are huge question marks when they do not achieve the best results. mine.

Southampton - Premier League 

Southampon was not too difficult to beat the bottom team Sheffiled United in his most recent match. This is the second consecutive victory of teachers and coach Ralph Hasenhuttl when they previously defeated Brighton on the opponent's field.

There are recent impressive achievements that have helped Ralph Hasenhuttl's team to step into the top 4 of the current season. This is a great success for the home team St. Marys because over the years they have had their own decline and are no longer themselves. However, this season Southampton is showing a complete transformation when winning 7/12 rounds from the beginning of the season so far. With the stability of the army of coach Ralph Hasenhuttl at this time, having a favorable result at the upcoming Arsenal trip is within their ability.