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EPL: Brighton vs Arsenal

Bad form this season with Brighton they will face difficulties against Arsenal as their opponents have just found their joy of victory recently.

Brighton  - Premier League 

It can be seen that Brighton's recent performance is not really good, even though their opponents are not too strong names. In fact, when the Falmer team did not have favorable results against rivals such as Sheffield United and Fulham, it was too pity for them.

Not having good form this season with Brighton is also something that experts predict from before that their capacity and level are still underestimated at the current Premier League playground. In the last season, the Falmer team got a relegation ticket, but having to fight to the final rounds to definitely stay relegated is a testament to their difficulties. In the next round, Coach Graham Potter's army will welcome Arsenal at home. This will be a difficult challenge for Brighton because even though the opponent does not have the best form this season, their ability is still judged to be somewhat inferior.

Arsenal - Premier League 

Meanwhile, Arsenal, despite being judged to have many difficulties welcoming Chelsea in the recent London derby, unexpectedly coach Mikel Arteta's teachers and students had a sublimated competition day with a 3-1 victory over the opponent. the same city.

The recent victory against Chelsea, although it is not possible to help Arsenal get a good position in the Premier League this season, when they are still ranked 14th on the current rankings, but with these 3 valuable points, they also create more or less. to gain confidence for the Gunners strikers in the coming time. Since the beginning of the season so far, coach Mikel Arteta's Arsenal has had eight times to admit defeat and this is a disgraceful number for a name that is always evaluated in the Big Six group of England's No. 1 playground. The Gunners still have a long way to go, and they need to continue to improve themselves for the rest of the season to hope for a better position in a season that could be seen as a failure. of the London City team up to this point.