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EPL: Burnley vs Black Watch

Burnley vs Everton FC 

The form crisis has not ended with Everton, even in the last round, coach Carlo Ancelotti's army hates at home in front of rookie Leeds. Fortunately, when the next game is coming, Everton only has to encounter an opponent who is playing very badly and is also in the group holding the red light, Burnley. Obviously, before such a delicious prey, the Merseyside Blue Half need to take advantage of the opportunity to return to the winning circuit.

Burnley Team - Premier League

As a guest of Man City, Burnley players could not create a surprise when they lost with a strong score of 5-0. That defeat is only a dark spot in Burnley's gray picture in the Premier League this season. Even after 9 rounds they only won 1, drew 2 and received 6 defeats. Of course with a meager 5 points, the fact that Burnley is only 19th on the chart is a worthy result they must receive. Burnley's bad performance is shown in that this team has conceded 17 goals since the beginning of the season. In addition, Burnley's public goods only opened fire 4 times. In the last 5 appearances, there have been 4 Burnley's attacking matches, while the defense conceded 9 goals. At home, Burnley only won 1 and lost 4 in the last 5 welcoming times. Difficulties piled up when this match midfielder Jack Cork could not play because of an injury. Besides Brady,

Everton team - Premier League

Welcoming rookie Leeds at home, Everton is expected to easily bring 3 points to end the previous series of poor matches. However, coach Carlo Ancelotti's army caused great disappointment when it failed to hold the minimum score. It turns out that Everton lost 4 and only won 1 in the last 5 appearances. On away field, Everton also lost 2/3 of the last trip away from home. On the chart at this time Everton has dropped to 8th place on the standings with 16 points after 10 rounds. An extremely disappointing result at the beginning of the season Everton played very well and was expected very much for the championship race. Although the attacker Everton played very well with 19 goals against the opponent. However, the fact that their defense conceded 17 times made Everton increasingly slump. The fulcrum of Everton is probably that they won 3 and only lost 1 in the last 4 times against Burnley.