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EPL: Chelsea FC vs Aston Villa

Chelsea will welcome Aston Villa at home in the next 15th round, playing at Stamford Bridge is a big advantage of coach Frank Lampard and his students.

Chelsea - Premier League 

After a period of slowdown, Chelsea found the joy of victory by defeating rivals West Ham United with 3 goals without equalizing, this is an extremely important victory to "shock" the fighting spirit for the simultaneously, players are not too far behind in the championship race. As can be seen, if the game is focused and stable, Timo Werner and his teammates are a very formidable opponent of all opponents.

Notably, although the away record is not really good in the last few rounds, but at home, Chelsea is still showing its strength when continuously having 2 extremely impressive wins with a theoretical score. costume. The attack line shows the ability to hunt when he has scored 6 goals, each shooting game up to 3 times. Besides, the defense shows the certainty when it only conceded once. Obviously, fans have reason to expect their pet team to welcome Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge in the next round.

Aston Villa - Premier League 

On the other side of the front line, Aston Villa is a newly promoted team, but they have left their mark when competing for a place in the top 4 strongest teams on the rankings. On away field, coach Dean Smith's army had an impressive victory over West Bromwich with 3 goals without equalizing, this is a match in which they have shown their ability to take advantage of opportunities very well. However, it is not difficult to see that Aston Villa has not been stable recently.

Indeed, the last 5 rounds they won 2 draws 1 match and had to receive 2 defeats. Performing impressively in this match, but soon after they were disappointed, whether it was against strong or weak opponents. In fact, this is not too difficult to understand when Aston Villa does not have a good quality and depth squad, so it is difficult to maintain its long-term performance. With this situation, the promise of a difficult match awaits them during their march to Chelsea's field in the next round, especially when they are completely inferior to the opponent in terms of head-to-head results when losing 9 / 10 most recent meetings.