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EPL: Chelsea vs Whites

Chelsea vs Leeds United 

The rookie Leeds just made a little surprise when he defeated Everton at the Goodison Park mecca, which partly helped coach Marcelo Bielsa's teachers and teachers break out of the dangerous area. This round, with the need to be a guest of a powerful Chelsea and also in high form, it is difficult for Leeds to continue to create surprises.

Chelsea - Premier League

After an extremely busy summer in Techmart, now teachers and coaches Frank Lampard is becoming a team that is difficult to beat in the Premier League. Recently, Chelsea buried Sevilla 4-0 in the group stage of the Champions League in Spain. The result also extended the unbeaten series of the Blues to 16, in all competitions. In the Champions League, Chelsea certainly has a ticket to go with the top of the table. So the last game in the middle of next week is just a walk. Therefore, the Blues will focus all their efforts on the Premier League front and will start with the reception of rookie Leeds. Currently, teachers and coaches, Frank Lampard, are ranked third in the rankings. However, they are only 2 points behind the top two teams (19 vs. 21). 

Leeds - Premier League

Rafinha's only goal is just enough for Leeds to get all 3 points on the trip to Everton's away field. So, after the previous 3 games, only known to draw and lose, Leeds has somewhat salvaged the confidence of the fans. At the Premier League playground this season, Leeds are getting 14 points when winning 4 wins, 2 divided points and receiving 4 defeats. Away from home, Leeds showed a pretty good performance with 3 wins in the last 5 matches away from home. Thus, this rookie kicks even better away when playing on his home. However, the difference in proficiency is too obvious if you look at the statistics of the past time between the two teams. It is important to know that, the last 4 encounters, Leeds only got 1 draw against Chelsea, the rest had to receive 3 defeats.