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EPL: Chelsea vs WHUFC

Chelsea vs West Ham

Returning home to welcome rival West Ham United, the Chelsea players are determined to regain their joys of victory after two disappointing matches.

Chelsea - Premier League 

Chelsea has dropped to 8th place on the rankings with 22 points earned after 13 rounds. Playing impressive, they suddenly dropped with 2 consecutive defeats against Wolves and Everton, these are all matches that coach and coach Frank Lampard could not promote his ability to hunt, leading to a deadlock. Embrace hate. However, it is not difficult to see that they have to march to the opponent's field in the last 2 defeats.

On their own home field, Chelsea has just beaten Leeds United with the score 3-1, they take advantage of the very good opportunity when they clash with teams that are not too strong with jubilant victories. As can be seen, Chelsea's gameplay is still relatively elegant and smooth. However, strikers need to quickly regain their efficiency as well as their sense of the ball. Playing at home in the next round is clearly a good chance for them to do this.

West Ham United - Premier League 

On the other side of the front line, West Ham United is temporarily ranked 9th on the rankings with 21 points earned after 13 rounds, a pretty good achievement. They just had a relatively blurred match when they only got 1 point at home against Crystal Palace. It can be seen that, after an extremely impressive period of competition with 3 consecutive wins, the "sledgehammer" has shown signs of stalling in the last few rounds with not really good performance.

The first is that they let Manchester United come upstream despite taking the lead in the first half. Although not playing well, the excitement and sublimation is something that West Ham United players cannot maintain. In fact, this is not too surprising because they do not own quality stars in the lineup, so it is difficult to maintain with high intensity. Having to march to the Stamford Bridge stadium here is a difficult challenge for West Ham United players.