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EPL: EFC vs Chelsea

Everton vs Chelsea 

Everton's declining form in the past time has made them short of breath, much different from the previous title competition that coach and coach Carlo Ancelotti has created.

Everton  - Premier League

Although he had to face only two recently not strong opponents, the students of coach Carlo Ancelotti were disappointed. Specifically, Everton lost to Leeds United on his home field and most recently, the 1-1 draw against Burnley was regretful. The recent achievements have also pushed the home team Goodison Park down to 9th place with 17 points.

As can be seen compared to the beginning of the season, Everton has gone down in terms of form a lot. In the last 6 rounds, coaches and coaches Carlo Ancelotti only got only 4 points while the first 5 rounds of the season they had an impressive 13 points. Facing the situation that has not been so convenient in the past time will really be a difficult problem for Everton when the upcoming 12th round they have to welcome Chelsea at home because despite having the advantages. favorable on the field, but with the army of coach Carlo Ancelotti today, the performance is no longer as excited as before.

Chelsea - Premier League 

Meanwhile, Chelsea since losing to Liverpool in their first match, the next 9 rounds of the London team have remained unbeaten with 5 wins and 4 draws. These impressive results from teachers and coaches Frank Lampard helped the team rise to 3rd place in the rankings and are only 2 points less than the leading position.

Chelsea not only showed success in the Premier League in their recent period but also in the Champions League this season, coach Frank Lampard's team played quite leisurely with the early ticket of Group E when leading the rankings. The performance gained in addition to the great excitement of the strikers during this time is also a great threat to the away teams. In addition, the goal of competing for the championship title of coach Frank Lampard's teachers in the season is very large when the team has invested a lot in the transfer window last summer. So before an Everton is going down, the possibility of a Chelsea victory is within the reach of coach Frank Lampard and his students.