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EPL: Everton vs Manchester City

This 16th round, Manchester City has a trip to Everton's field. This is the time when they need to show their bravery if they want to compete for the championship.

Everton - Premier League 

After a period of extremely difficult times, Everton has made a strong comeback, these good results have helped them reach the top 4 most powerful teams on the rankings. It is worth mentioning that coaches and coaches Carlo Ancelotti have had impressive victories against rivals in the form of "cheeks" like Chelsea or Leicester City. This is clearly a very happy signal for the fans in the context that they are under suspicion due to the consecutive negative results.

As can be seen, Everton's defense has been extremely focused when continuously keeping a clean sheet, the duo Michael Keane and Yerry Mina played very well with each other. Remember, they were under great pressure from teams that had a very strong attack. However, when constantly having to clash with "horned" teams, the ability to keep the excitement is not easy, so the Everton players are forecasted to have many difficulties at Battle with Manchester City is here.

Manchester City - Premier League 

On this side, Manchester City is disappointing in this season when it is outside the top 4 strongest teams. Even so, their chances are still that the gap from the top team is not too far away. On away field, Josep Guardiola and his students have just won an extremely important victory over the top-performing team, Southampton with the minimum score, this result will help the players' psychology more confident. a lot at the upcoming Everton march.

It is not difficult to see Manchester City's current difficulty lies in the attacking line playing very deadlocked, despite controlling the game, their ability to hunt goals is ineffective. However, the strikers have somewhat regained their sense of having won a jubilant victory on Arsenal's field in the last League Cup war. Obviously, fans have the right to expect the pet team in the clash with Everton here, especially when they both defeat the opponent in the last 5 confrontations between the two teams.