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EPL : FFC vs Liverpool

Fulham vs Liverpool

Despite doubts about both force and form, Liverpool is still making very steady progress to defend the Premier League throne. Just having to meet a rookie like Fulham in the next round 12, the chance for the "Red Brigade" to bring the next 3 points is very bright.

Fulham team - Premier League

In the summer, Fulham had to go through a series of stressful play-offs to win a return to the Premier League. It seems that teacher and coach Scott Parker will make a big mark with a series of transfers at the beginning of the season. But things are going pretty badly for Fulham. When this team is struggling to get out of the danger zone. With the past 11 matches, what Fulham has done is only 2 wins, 1 draw and 8 defeats. This poor result only gives Fulham 7 points and is ranked 17th in the rankings. Even though they got out of the danger zone, they were just over 1 point in the relegation group. The performance of Fulham has not changed much when he lost 3/4 of the last round. The Fulham attackers from the beginning of the season only scored 11 goals, and the defense conceded 21 times. At home this season,

Liverpool - Premier League 

Liverpool just let Midtjylland draw in the last match of Group D-Champions League. However, it was a match that Liverpool did not release the strongest team because they soon had a ticket with the top of the group earlier. After successfully settling the continental playground, this is the time when the "Red Brigade" comes into play in the Premier League. Currently coach Jurgen Klopp is doing too well for his part. They won 7 draws 3 and lost only 1 after 11 rounds. Thus, Liverpool has the same 24 points as Tottenham, but ranks 2nd in the rankings because it is worse than the sub-index. In the last round, Liverpool had a strong 4-0 victory over Wolves. Liverpool's performance is also very stable when they have won all of the last 3 away matches. History also supports Liverpool when they have won all 6 times against Fulham in the Premier League.