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EPL: LCFC vs Everton

Leicester City vs Everton

Leicester City are showing their great determination in the Premier League this season as they are still aiming for the championship race with only 1 point less than the leading position.

Leicester City - Premier League

An easy 3-0 victory over Brighton in the last round helped Leicester City rise to 3rd place on the current rankings. Not only that, the Foxes also narrowed the gap with the top team to only 1 point less showing their successes.

Leicester City's performance this season is something that experts appreciate the stability of the current King Power home team since the beginning of the season, coach Brendan Rodgers is a team with many Best win since the beginning of the season with 8 wins. However, Leicester City also had 4 failures and this is the most number of failures in the top 4 leading the season. However, with his capacity in the Premier League this season, Brendan Rodgers and his students are expected a lot to create a fair and thrilling championship race.

Everton - Premier League 

On the other side of the field, Everton recently had an important victory for themselves when they defeated Chelsea at home. This victory helped coach and coach Carlo Ancelotti back to the 7th place on the rankings with 20 points obtained after 12 rounds.

Having the aforementioned success with Everton they are also heading for the top races this season with a gap of just 3 points less than currently. However, coaches and coaches Carlo Ancelotti compared to the beginning of the season, their performance is no longer the same as before their latest results are not really impressive or successful. Leicester City's upcoming trip to the field with Everton will be an not easy trip when the home team is playing more impressive than this time. In addition, being a guest is also a disadvantage for coach and coach Carlo Ancelotti when they have had 2 defeats in 4 rounds away from home recently. So the ability to get Everton points at the upcoming guest trip will not be easy.