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EPL: Leeds vs NUFC

Leeds vs Newcastle 

Leeds are starting to feel the difficulties in the Premier League when in the last consecutive rounds, coach Marcelo Bielsa and his teachers have all suffered defeats.

Leeds - Premier League

At the beginning of the season, Leeds was seen as a dark horse when the game coach Marcelo Bielsa created for the team always made it difficult for his opponents. However, in the past time, Leeds has no longer been themselves when they recently received both failures and fell to 14th place of the rankings.

Although they are only ranked 14th in the current rankings, with teachers and coach Marcelo Bielsa they are also holding great advantages for their relegation battle. The home team of Elland Road currently has a 6-point gap more than the relegation group this season and is having 14 points after 12 rounds. Although the gap is not too large compared to the bottom group of the rankings, but if possible the ability of the home team Elland Road is not too bad in this year's tournament. Therefore, the upcoming welcome to Newcastle United is considered just within reach of coach Marcelo Bielsa's team for his winning goal.

Newcastle United - Premier League 

On the other side of the field, Newcastle United are playing an impressive part in the past when they have won 2 consecutive wins. These wins help Newcastle United significantly improve their position on the standings with 17 points being gained after their 11 matches.

There are successes like that, but with Newcastle United, playing steadily and aiming for higher goals for them is very difficult when the ability of the Match in the domestic arena over the years has not been hit. expensive. Even if they only have to be a guest on the upcoming Leeds field, with Newcastle United they are still considered to be more disadvantaged than the home team. This shows that the upcoming trip of coach Stephen Roger Bruce's teachers and students will face many difficulties when the home team is determined to regain their joy of victory.