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EPL: MUFC vs Leeds

Man United vs Leeds United 

Defeating Sheffield Utd a few days ago, Man Utd showed how strong he was in the Premier League playing field after having to stop in the Champions League. It's not even another name in the top group of the chart, but "Red Devil" is the team with the best style at the moment. With a very sublime performance, there is no reason why coach Ole Solskjaer lost points against a rookie like Leeds.

Man Utd - Premier League

Although conceding very early due to the mistake of goalkeeper Henderson, Man Utd still successfully returned to beat Sheffield Utd with a final score of 3-2. Victory shows the high determination of "Red Devil", even though there were times when they fell into difficult situations. Although shamefully eliminated from the Champions League, it is undeniable that Man Utd is gradually playing a lot better in the Premier League. Considering in the last 5 rounds, "Red Devil" drew 1 and won all 4 remaining matches. In the most prestigious playground of football in the fog, Man Utd is the name with the best performance at the moment. On the current chart, Man Utd is standing at 6th place, they have 23 points for themselves after 12 rounds. The home team is only 2 points behind Tottenham's 2nd place and 1 match is not yet in hand. That means coach Ole Solskjaer will rise behind Liverpool if they win a match. Of course, Man Utd needs to improve is the ability to kick at home. Statistics show that "Red Devils" have won 6 away games but they only won 1, drew 2 and lost 3 home matches.

Leeds - Premier League

After 16 years of waiting, until this season, Leeds can return to participate in the Premier League. With the experience of coach Marcelo Bielsa, Leeds has a performance that is not bad so far. Through 13 rounds, Leeds won 5 drew 2 and lost 6. With 17 points in hand, Leeds is standing at 13th place on the chart. This is not a bad result for a rookie, especially when the play and force that Leeds possesses are rated among the three rookies this season. In terms of form, the last 5 matches Leeds won 2 matches, drew 1 match, but also lost 2 with 1 point division. However, coach and coach Marcelo Bielsa played quite well on away field when he won 3 and lost 2 in the last 5 trips. In the previous round, Leeds just had a jubilant 5-2 victory over Newcastle. Man Utd, however, is clearly a completely different opponent.