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EPL: Newcastle vs WBA

Newcastle vs West Brom 

Only having to welcome West Bromwich who are diving in the penultimate position of the rankings this season with Newcastle will be an opportunity for them to keep 3 full points at home.

Newcastle - Premier League

After 2 rounds of losing to Newcastle, they were able to regain their joy of victory when they got a 2-0 victory at Crystal Palace. This is a somewhat commendable victory for Newcastle when this season their opponents' performance is not bad.

Newcastle has also climbed to 13th place on the rankings with 14 points currently. This result is not too bad with the capacity of the current Premier League's "prank" when the strength of teachers and coaches Stephen Bruce is not too strong. Newcastle will only have to welcome West Bromwich at home in their next round. This is a great opportunity for coach Stephen Bruce's army to continue to improve their position in the rankings as opponents are showing disappointing performance in their first season back to the Premier League this season. .

West Bromwich - Premier League 

It is no exaggeration that West Bromwich this season are one of the relegation candidates in the Premier League although their chances are still a lot of money in advance. The 1-5 defeat at home to Crystal Palace in the previous round also partly enhanced the weakness of coach Slaven Bilic's students.

As of the beginning of the season so far, West Bromwich have received 7 defeats in just 11 rounds of their match. The best achievement that coach Slaven Bilic's students have is 1 victory over the bottom team, Sheffiled United, while they have 3 more draws. The attackers are also Bromwich's weakness as they have only 8 goals since the beginning of the season while their defense has received 23 goals this season. This is a really alarming number for coach Slaven Bilic when the next round they have to be a guest against Newcastle has just found the joy of victory. If he can not improve his performance and change in defense, West Bromwich can completely continue empty-handed for another round.