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EPL: Palace vs Spurs

Crystal Palace vs Tottenham

Performance is not bad this season, but with Crystal Palace being able to create a surprise against Tottenham, who is so hot this season is really too difficult for "Blue Eagle".

Crystal Palace  - Premier League

After two previous defeats, Crystal Palace regained an impressive victory over West Bromwich with a 5-1 win. This victory helped the Blue Eagle temporarily rise to 11th when they also got 16 points after their 11 rounds.

In fact, with Crystal Palace in the current season they also do not set much goals for the fight in the upper group of the rankings. This is also not surprising when the strength of coach Roy Hodgson's teachers is not appreciated in England's No. 1 tournament. The only goal that Crystal Palace is aiming for may be to continue to stick with the highest league in England when they have now created a relatively safe 10 point gap with the bottom group of the rankings. In the upcoming 12th round, Crystal Palace will have to welcome Tottenham with difficulties. In the previous 10 meetings, the army of coach Roy Hodgson had 7 times defeats against the rival of London.

Tottenham - Premier League 

Meanwhile, a 2-0 win over Arsenal in the London derby has partly confirmed Tottenham's position and strength this season. Coach Jose Mourinho is still maintaining the top of the rankings when there is a better sub-index than Arsenal.

Tottenham's form was not only shown in the Premier League this season, but Jose Mourinho's team also achieved Europa League success with the ticket to go on. However, the most important goal for Rooster is the Premier League title race this season because although Tottenham has been in a strong development in recent years, the title is something they still lack. The stability of coach Jose Mourinho's army is not only the victories in the Premier League with 7 wins from the start of the season and besides, their defense is playing much more firmly with only 9 goals from the start. season. So a trip to Crystal Palace will not be surprised if coach Jose Mourinho continues to give me 3 full points.