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EPL: Sheff utd vs SaintsFC

Southampton vs Sheffield United 

Against a struggling opponent this season, Sheffield United is a golden opportunity for Southampton to continue maintaining the top 4 race in the Premier League this season.

Southampton - Premier League

Despite many difficulties at the Brighton trip to the field in the previous round, with Southampton they have achieved their success by beating their opponents upstream. This achievement helped teachers and coaches Ralph Hasenhuttl regain 5th place on the Premier League rankings this season after 11 rounds with 20 points.

Since the beginning of the season until mow, Southampton has had a total of 6 wins, 2 draws and only 3 losses. The current goal with teachers and coaches Ralph Hasenhuttl is to maintain his performance in the season as well as the battle in the top 4. More than that, the ability to compete with Southampton is not a long distance with only 4 points currently, but considering the actual capacity, it is too difficult for the St Marys team. Therefore, aiming to be within reach of a ticket to the European Cup with Southampton has been a great success when in the past few seasons they have had many declines.

Sheffield United - Premier League 

On the other side of the field, Sheffield United continued to extend their dark days in the Premier League this season with a 1-2 defeat to Leicester City in the last round. This is an unfortunate defeat to Sheffield United because they have made efforts for their scores but also have to accept defeat in the last minutes of the match.

Sheffield United's heavily slumped form this season against Sheffield United are facing a relegation ticket next season. This is also a surprise result when Sheffield United have achieved remarkable success last season and they do not even need to worry about relegation battle despite being rookie tournament. But even so, the poor performance in the season with a total of 10 defeats from the beginning of the season so far with coach Chris Wilder and coaches, being a guest at Southampton will be very difficult for them when the home team. There is excitement in this time. Sheffield United's ability to leave empty-handed is also much higher when they have lost all 5 rounds on away field this season.