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EPL: Spurs vs Arsenal

Tottenham vs Arsenal 

The focus match of round 11 of the Premier League will be the clash between Tottenham and Arsenal. At this moment, "Rooster" is very excited to aim to win and defend the top spot. Meanwhile, the "Gunners" were continuously injured with poor results on the pitch. Facing each other in this situation, whether the name will be brave enough to bring joy to the fans.

Tottenham team - Premier League

Not the brightest candidate for the championship title before the Premier League kick-off this season. But Tottenham has made the fans fall back with a series of impressive performances. Accordingly, after 10 rounds of "Rooster", has risen to the top position of the Premier League. Their specific achievements are 6 wins, 3 draws and only 1 defeat. At this time, Tottenham has the same 21 points as Liverpool, but they are ranked above because they are better on the sub index. Since the beginning of the season, coach Jose Mourinho's teachers and students have scored 21 goals and is the second strongest attack team in the tournament. Besides, Tottenham only conceded 9 goals, this is the best achievement of the 20 teams participating in the tournament. Saying so to see how what Tottenham are doing is worthy of the effort they have spent. It is important to know that Tottenham kept the last 3 clean sheets in the Premier League. Besides, "Rooster" is unbeaten in the last 9 matches at the most prestigious football field in the fog.

Arsenal team - Premier League

If his neighbor played how well his neighbor played, Arsenal would be playing badly. Even before the Premier League kick-off this season, Arsenal has great expectations for the second season under coach Mikel Arteta. Currently, after 10 rounds, the "Gunners" of London only brought about 4 wins and 1 draw and had to receive 5 defeats. With such poor performance, coach Mikel Arteta and his students only got 13 points and took 14th place in the rankings. Considering in the last 5 rounds, the away team won only 1 and received 5 defeats. Things will be even more difficult for Arsenal, when this team has not won all of the last 5 times as a guest of Tottenham. Last season "Gunners" also lost 1-2 when marching to the mecca of "Rooster" and a bad result is the unavoidable scenario in this trip.