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EPL: United vs City


Man City is regaining its form after losing 2 goals to Tottenham at the end of November. Since that fall, the Manchester team have gone through 5 consecutive unbeaten matches, in which they  won up to 4 and received only 1 draw (0-0 against Porto in the Champions League).  Saying so to see, Pep Guardiola's conquest machine regained "the acceleration" quickly.  And if you look at the way the Green Man beat Marseille 3-0 in the last match to finish with the top of Group C in the Champions League, it can be said that Man City is ready for a new victory cycle.

But that judgment will be correct if Man City is not a guest of M.U in this round.  The Manchester derby itself is a testament to a promising match waiting for teachers and teachers Pep Guardiola.  Because in any circumstances, Man United is also the most ominous obstacle to Man City, also the opponent with the determination to defeat the highest Green Man.

Those who watched the Premier League championship race last season must remember, how Man United used to "knock down" Man City when Green Man is trying to put some of his remaining strength to hold the fragile hope on the track with  top team Liverpool.  In the match in the 29th round of last season, despite playing with a pair of "stubborn" strikers, Martial and James, MU still defeated Man City 2-0, thereby making Green Man continue to be far behind by Liverpool.  distance of up to 20 points on the leaderboard.

This season, the Manchester derby setting is not so stressful for City.  But most likely, the score at Old Trafford has not yet let go of Pep's team.  Because, Man City is also playing quite badly away in the Premier League.  They have only won 1 of the last 4 trips away from home in the Premier League.  In the remaining 3 games of Man City, a 0-2 defeat at the hands of Tottenham is acceptable because Spurs are sublimating under the hands of "old fox" Jose Mourinho.  But the two draws against Leeds and West Ham were shameful results.  Both home teams are in poor form, but they still get points from Man City when Pep's defense plays loosely on away field as usual.

The green man has conceded all 5 of the latest Premier League trips and that is certainly not a figure that will please fans of the green shirt team.  Because of a bad defense on away land, Man City also lost 5 matches away from home in the Premier League from the beginning of 2020 until now and that is the number of their most away defeats in a year since 2015. Pep probably doesn't want to see  Such bad defensive performances when they met MU, the team conceded Man City's net in all four of the last encounters.

Of course, there will be optimistic voices from the visitors that M.U is suffering a heavy psychological aftershock from being eliminated from the Champions League, so it can not be difficult for Man City.  But looking back at coach Solskjaer's journey at Old Trafford, it seems that that judgment will be ... reversed.  Because whenever MU was in the most tragic situation, when the Norwegian military ruler's chair was most shaken, his students would bring about positive results, especially in the great battles.  battle, to save the master.  This time, Solsa has just been returned to No. 1 on the rankings of coaches who are at risk of losing their jobs in the Premier League.  And it is time to… believe in the Reds in a big game, like the Manchester derby tonight!