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EPL: West Brom vs Leeds United

West Bromwich will have a match against the same promoted team this season, Leeds United, despite having the advantage of the field, but they are not appreciated by experts. Difficulty is foreseen.

West Brom - Premier League 

After so many efforts, West Bromwich were returned to the highest tournament in the country under the guidance of coach Bilic. However, they had a bad start when the game was very blurred, which caused the Croatian teacher to lose his job. It is worth mentioning that the coaching staff was fired right after the "sparrows" had a successful match when holding a very strong team, Manchester City.

It seems that this decision has a great impact on the players mentality when they immediately had a very bad game at home against Aston Villa, the players wrestled on the field and had to accept. defeat with 3 goals not equalized. Before that, West Bromwich also lost 1-5 against Crystal Palace. Their current problem is probably the defense when it is too loose, there is no connection in the gameplay.

Leeds United - Premier League 

As for Leeds United, who is also a newly promoted team, but they somewhat left their mark. Currently, Coach Marcelo Bielsa and his students have a quite safe distance from the relegation group. On away field, they just had to receive a shameful defeat against Manchester United, because they were too confident in their attacking ability, the Leeds United players quickly lost 3 goals in just 4 minutes of playing. played too unfocused and subjective

However, they still showed their ability to hunt goals when they conceded the opponent's net twice. No longer playing too energetic like the beginning of the season, but Leeds United are playing relatively stable when winning 3 matches and losing 2 matches in the last 5 rounds. Notably, they have had impressive wins on away field such as the defeat of Everton and Aston Villa extremely convincingly. Perhaps the bright spot for Leeds United players lies in the attack line when they have players who are full of speed and technology. Must march to West Bromwich's field in the next round but Leeds United have reason to believe in their abilities.