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EPL: Wolves vs AVFC

Wolves vs Aston Villa 

Having an advantage for themselves at home in this 12th round, Wolves are expected to regain a victory when they welcome Aston Villa at home.

Wolves - Premier League

In the last round, coach Nuno Santo teachers and students had to admit 0-4 defeat against a Liverpool that did not have the best team. This defeat also pushed Wolves down to 10th place on the current rankings with 17 points being obtained after 11 rounds.

Compared to last season, Wolves in the current season are not really stable. Since the beginning of the season so far, coach and coach Nuno Santo have received 4 defeats while winning 5 and drawing 2 rounds. The certainty that the Molineux home team no longer shows their certainty as before they only scored 11 goals while receiving 15 goals. However, in the next 12th round, Wolves with their home advantage will have a lot of hope for a victory when their upcoming opponent, Aston Villa, is not appreciated.

Aston Villa - Premier League 

On the Aston Villa side, their recent performance has declined quite a bit compared to the previous time. Specifically, in its 5 consecutive rounds, Aston Villa lost 4 rounds while they only won 1, thereby falling to 12th place of the rankings.

Despite their recent poor performance, for Aston Villa fans, they can still accept it when their beloved team plays in a bad season. Specifically, Aston Villa has only played 9 rounds this season, but has won 5 wins and lost 4 rounds recently. This number is very impressive compared to the performance of teachers and coach Dean Smith because last season they had to wait until the final round to successfully relegate. The trip to Wolves in the upcoming round with Aston Villa they have their difficulties. Not only are they not in the best form, but all 3 times as guests at Molineux, they all left with empty hands. So the ability of teachers and coaches Dean Smith to be empty-handed is completely possible.