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EPL: WWFC vs Chelsea

Wolves vs Chelsea 

After a weak defeat against Aston Villa against Wolverhampton in the round against Wolverhampton, they have to face a big challenge when their upcoming opponent Chelsea is being appreciated at this moment.

Wolverhampton - Premier League 

Quite regrettable for Wolverhampton when they lost their chance to win in the last round. Despite having advantages over Aston Villa in terms of home field or human, coach Nuno Santo's teachers and students received the goal in the last minutes, thereby emptying their hands against their opponents.

The last defeat also caused Wolverhampton to fall to 13th place of the rankings this season when they are only 17 points after their 12 rounds. Although the gap between the Wolves and the top group of the current rankings is not too big, but with the team of coach Nuno Santo, it is somewhat not possible to have 5 defeats in the season after 12 rounds. also see their certainty. Therefore, Wolverhampton is expected to have many difficulties in the upcoming 13th round of the match when their opponent is Chelsea in the upcoming round.

Chelsea - Premier League  

On the other side of the field, Chelsea also had a negative result when receiving 0-1 defeat at Everton in the previous round. This defeat caused the London City team to lose their top 4 position as they fell to 5th place on the rankings this season.

Despite the last defeat, but considering the same form of Chelsea in the season is not bad when they only received 2 defeats against difficult opponents in the season, Liverpool at the beginning of the season with Everton recently. Meanwhile, teachers and coaches Frank Lampard once had a period of sublimation with their unbeaten form. Moreover, compared to Wolverhampton, Chelsea is also much more appreciated than its opponent when historical achievements are supporting teachers and coach Frank Lampard when they have won 7/10 rounds. Therefore, just playing with true ability and strength, Chelsea is completely confident enough to leave with 3 complete points.