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La Liga: Barca vs Leva

Barcelona vs Levante

Hope to compete for the La Liga championship title this season with Barcelona is gradually closing when the Camp Nou team has 12 points less than the leading Atletico Madrid.

Barcelona - LaLiga 

Barcelona's performance in the past time is really disappointing to the fans when they have received 2 consecutive failures in the past time. If the defeat against Juventus in the Champions League makes Barcelona lose the top position of the rankings, the defeat against Cadiz in La Liga makes them drop to 9th on the rankings.

Up to the present time, teachers and coaches Ronald Koeman had to receive 4 defeats after only 10 rounds of their matches. The championship race with Barcelona is becoming very difficult because the distance between them and the top team is up to 12 points today. However, at this point Barcelona needs to work harder to find its image. Not only does it take an upcoming victory over Levante to revive their spirit, but with teachers and coach Ronald Koeman, they are not allowed to make more mistakes if they do not want to give up the championship race very early.

Levante - LaLiga 

On the other side of the pitch, Levante is showing his huge disappointment as they are in the group that will be relegated this season. Specifically, Levante has only won 2 wins, 5 draws while having 11 points, along with the 18th place on the rankings this season.

Levante's real form in the season is not that bad as they have only received 4 defeats from the beginning of the season. However, getting so many draws made the Dwarfs not have their good taste in the rankings this season. Levante's trip to Barcelona is coming here will really be difficult challenges for them. Although their opponents are not at their best today, their level and ability compared to their opponents are somewhat inferior. Moreover, Levante also lost 7/10 encounters against Barcelona, ​​in which they had to lose many times to the home team. Therefore, it is difficult for Levante to create a surprise in the upcoming match.