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La Liga: EIB vs Madrid

Eibar vs Real Madrid

From the beginning of the season to the present, this is the moment when Real Madrid fans are most confident in the form of the home team. With the stability built up, along with the high fighting spirit. Obviously, a weak opponent like Eibar can hardly create a surprise before "White Vulture".

Eibar team - LaLiga 

Striker Sergio Enrich's precious goal helped Eibar draw Real Sociedad with a 1-1 final score. Remember that this is the 2nd opponent in the rankings and 1 point is really valuable to coach Jose Luis Mendilibar. Currently, the Municipal de Ipurua team was on a stable performance. Accordingly, Eibar is ranked 12th in the standings with 15 points obtained after 13 rounds. Considering the last 5 rounds, Eibar was completely unbeaten, but they only won 1 and drew to 4. Obviously, if they improve better than the split matches, Eibar will go further. Saying that, but Eibar played badly at home, in that they have not won any match after 7 appearances at home since the beginning of the season. Before this match, the confrontation history between the two teams did not support Eibar. Specifically, Eibar only won 1, drew 1, 8/10 times lost to Real Madrid. Not to mention, 7 times having received "White Vulture", Eibar won only 1, drew 1, lost 5 matches.

Real Madrid team - LaLiga 

It was thought that Real Madrid would have a catastrophic season with an extremely poor performance series before. However, with the bravery of one of the leading football teams in the world, "White Vulture" has successfully overcome the difficulties. Specifically, Real Madrid has tickets to continue in the Champions League with the top of the group. In the La Liga playground, this team is also gradually regaining confidence with consecutive victories. It should be reminded that the last 3 matches Real Madrid won Sevilla, Atl Madrid and Ath Bilbao respectively. These are clearly all opponents that are not easy to play at the moment. They have now climbed to 3rd place in the La Liga standings with 26 points and are ready to return to the championship race. Through 7 trips away from home in La Liga this season, Real Madrid has 4 victories, 2 draws and 1 defeat. Plus winning 4/5 the last time against Eibar,