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La Liga: Madrid vs Atleti

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

Real Madrid are having high excitement after slipping through the narrow door to continue in the Champions League playground. However, their opponent is Atletico Madrid playing too well this season. Whether the "white vulture" has confirmed the king's position, or Atletico Madrid will continue to sublimate to make a historic season.

Real Madrid team - LaLiga 

Karim Benzema's double goal helped Real Madrid to beat Monchengladbach (2-0) at home. That impressive result saved Real Madrid from the prospect of having to stop right from the group stage for the first time in the Champions League playground. Even the 3 points obtained also help "White Vulture" rise to the top of the group to create a huge advantage for the knockout round. It was also a big boost for Real Madrid to enter the tense derby with Atletico Madrid. Currently, teachers and coaches Zinedine Zidane are ranked 4th in the La Liga rankings with 20 points. Their achievements come from 6 wins, 2 draws and 3 defeats after 11 rounds. They are 6 points behind Atletico Madrid and even played more than 1 match. That means that if you do not win this match, Real Madrid will be very difficult to keep up with the opponent in the next time. Of course that cannot be an easy task with "White Vulture". Remember that the last 5 rounds they won 2 and must also receive 2 defeats. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid are playing too well for the past time of the season.

Atletico Madrid - LaLiga 

Since the last throne in La Liga 5 years ago, Atletico Madrid has continued to live under the shadow of two Spanish football giants Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. Only this season, taking advantage of the decline of two direct competitors. Atletico Madrid is performing a very convincing performance and is the number one candidate for the throne this season. Even Atletico Madrid is the only team that still has an unbeaten record in La Liga this season. Their specific achievements are 8 wins and 2 draws after 10 rounds. This is also the best start in Atletico Madrid's La Liga history. This season, teachers and coaches Diego Simeone not only defended well with only 2 times to concede. Besides, the attackers of Atletico Madrid also opened fire 21 times. They are also the second most powerful name in the tournament, just behind Real Sociedad with 22 goals. With the above numbers, Atletico Madrid clearly has enough strength to have points in this trip.