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La Liga: Madrid vs Bilbao

Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao

Coach Zidane have just had an important victory over Atletico Madrid to close the gap with the group that leads the current ranking.

Real Madrid - LaLiga 

Although it is considered that it will be a lot of difficulties to welcome Atletico Madrid in the last derby with the city, Real Madrid and partly verify its ability in important matches with a 2-0 victory. before the opponent. This victory helped coach Zidane and coaches narrow the gap with the lead to only 3 points less on the current rankings.

Verdict Valencia vs Athletic Bilbao 20:00 on 12/12
It can be seen that Real Madrid are getting their revival in the past when they have also overcome difficult circumstances in the Champions League to get the ticket to continue. The Royal Spanish club's race to defend the title could have just begun now that their morale has stabilized by this time. The next round, Real Madrid's opponent will be Athletic Bilbao, who has ceased to be himself over the years. This is a great opportunity for Real Madrid to continue to extend its achievements during this time.

Athletic Bilbao - LaLiga 

On the other side of the field, Athletic Bilbao just had their third consecutive round of victory when there was a 2-2 draw against Valencia this season. This result, though not really good considering Athletic Bilbao's ability in the current season, is also considered not too bad for them.

From the beginning of the season so far, Athletic Bilbao has had 6 times to lose, while they only won 4 and drew 2. This is a really alarming number for Athletic Bilbao fans in the season as well as over the years they have lost their own strength at the domestic playing field. Athletic Bilbao's record away from home is also really worrying when 7 rounds have passed, they only won 1 while there were 4 defeats. These numbers can make fans of the San Mames football team surprise when they have to be a guest on the recently resurgent Real Madrid field.