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La Liga: Madrid vs Granda

With the existing excitement, the Real Madrid players are setting a very high goal in the reception of their rival Granada, three full points, which is foreseen for them.

Real Madrid - La Liga


Real Madrid has risen to the top of Atletico Madrid with 29 points after 14 rounds but played more than 2 matches. They have easily won the Eibar field with the score 1-3, this is the 5th consecutive victory of the "White Vulture" in all competitions and the 4th if counted in the Laliga alone. The number one striker Karim Benzema is in very high form at the moment when he continuously opens fire at important moments.

After a somewhat unconvincing period, coach Zinedine Zidane's army regained its strength, especially they showed their spirit and bravery when overcoming tough opponents like Atletico Madrid or Sevilla and Athletic Bilbao. This partly shows that if the competition is concentrated, the defending champion is not afraid of any team, strong or weak, the belief in the next jubilant victory for Real Madrid in the upcoming battle with Granada is. very high, especially when the away team was the lucrative prey of the royal team in the past.

Granada - La Liga

On this side of the field, Granada is still maintaining its stability after a relatively successful season with a ticket to the Europa League. They won 21 points after 23 rounds and temporarily participated in the top 6 strongest teams on the rankings. After a period of slowdown, teachers and coaches Diego Martinez have continuously won victories against Real Betis and Elche, an encouraging achievement.

However, it is not difficult to see that these competitors are not appreciated. In particular, statistics show that Granada often has difficulty in clashing with strong opponents. The proof is that they lost to Atletico Madrid 6-1, easily lost to Real Sociedad with 2 goals without equalization, which shows that their ability to endure pressure is not good. Therefore, the promise of a very difficult match is waiting for Granada on the trip to Real Madrid's yard here.