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LaLiga: Elche vs Real Madrid

Elche vs Real Madrid

Elche vs Real Madrid

Elche is performing very poorly in La Liga this season and the prospect of falling into the danger zone is only a matter of time. Meanwhile, Real Madrid has strongly resurrected and is even aiming for the first place in the coming time. Obviously, with the difference in class and performance, despite being a guest, it is difficult to escape the reach of "White Vulture".

After 5 years of absence from the most prestigious field in bullfighting, Elche's efforts finally helped them get promotion tickets early this season. However, with a force that was not appreciated, he was present in La Liga at the time when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out. Currently, Elche is extremely struggling to stay in this arena at least until next season. Through 13 matches played this season, Elche won 3 draws 6 and lost 4. They brought back 15 points and are currently ranked 16th in the standings. With only 1 point higher than the group holding the red light, if not quickly improving their performance in the upcoming stage, Elche will surely have a hard time on the journey towards relegation goal. Remember, in the last 5 consecutive rounds, they won, in which Elche drew 3 and lost 2. Even when playing at Manuel Martínez Valero's home field, this team did not win all the last 4 welcomes. The fact that the construction goods were too poor with only 12 shots was clearly making Elche difficult. In this round, having to welcome a too strong Real Madrid, the challenge is huge for coach Jorge Almiron's teachers and students.

The start of this season was very difficult and there were times when coach Zinedine Zidane faced the pressure to leave his chair. However, with the level of a big man, Real Madrid quickly made a very strong comeback. First of all, the victory overcoming difficulties in the Champions League arena is to get tickets to the top of the table. Next, "White Vulture" is extremely strong revival in La Liga. Accordingly, the last 5 rounds of Real Madrid won to bring 15 full points. Now the visitors have 32 points after 15 rounds, they are equal to Atletico Madrid but have played 2 more matches. Away from home, Real Madrid is also playing well when bringing in 10 points after 5 times as the last guest. Confrontation history has also seen Real Madrid win all four encounters with Elche in the past. Obviously with his superiority. 

Recently, Real played extremely impressive. The Royal Spanish team is going through a series of 6 consecutive wins, including 5 matches in La Liga. As a result, they rose to equal points with the top team Atletico. There used to be a period of seeming to be in a crisis, but coach Zinedine Zidane and his teachers are currently evaluated by experts as the brightest candidate for the La Liga championship this season.

Being "on the ball", Zidane's students are very confident that they will win all 3 points on Elche's field. It must be emphasized that coach Jorge Almiron's team has never been considered a worthy opponent for Real. The evidence is that in the last 8 encounters between the two teams, the Royal team overwhelmed with a record of winning all 8, the latest being a 2-0 victory at Elche's field in early 2015. Especially, at 7 Last encounter, no match Real did not score at least 2 goals against the opponent's net.

Elche is doing very badly in La Liga this season. They went through a series of 8 unsuccessful matches at the highest tournament in the country, including 3 losses. Those bad results make Elche ranked 16th in La Liga, just 1 point away from the team leading the group "holding the red light". Before such an opponent, after the trip to Elche's field tonight, Real is likely to have a 7th consecutive victory on all fronts.

One of the reasons that Elche did not have a good performance in La Liga this season is the lack of confidence in the player's performance. Statistics show that, in the last 9/10 matches, Almiron's students could not keep a clean sheet, the most recent was 2 goals in a disappointing 2-2 draw against Osasuna. In a post-match interview with Osasuna, coach Almiron constantly lamented the poor performance of the home team's defense, even pointing out the culprit was midfielder Dani Calvo.

With such a poor defense of Elche, tonight's match can be seen as an opportunity for coach Zidane's stars to show their ability to finish. After 15 rounds, Real is playing the second most effective attack in La Liga this season. They have 27 times to hit the opponent's net, only 1 goal less than the great rival Barca. In particular, striker Karim Benzema is leading the list of "Top Scorer" with Gerard Moreno (Villarreal) and Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo) with 8 goals.

Of course, Real is not only the midfielder Benzema who knows how to hit the opponent's net. Recently, the midfield line of the Royal team played very sublimated, with most midfielders knowing how to "shoot". In particular, the interesting surprise is that defensive midfielder Casemiro is Real's second most goalscorer in La Liga with 3 times that the opponent must go into the net to pick up the ball.

So, despite having to kick away, Real will likely overwhelm Elche players, turning the battle tonight into a one-way match. Coach Almiron's team almost did not have any chance to hope to create a surprise against the La Liga champions. Even if the students of coach Zidane know for sure, they will have another victory in La Liga with a difference of 2 goals or more.

Real often score in the last 15 minutes
In La Liga this season, Real especially attack effectively from 76 to 90 minutes. In the last 15 minutes of the game from the beginning of the tournament, they had 8 goals. In particular, striker Karim Benzema 3 times "opened fire" in this time frame. Elche clearly has a reason to be wary of Real in the last 15 minutes of tonight's match.

14 -  Together with Sociedad, Real is the most effective away attacking team in La Liga this season. Coach Zinedine Zidane's team has scored 14 goals after 8 battles outside the Bernabeu.

Surrounding information

- Elche: The strongest squad. 
- Real: Without Rodrygo due to injury. 
- According to Asian rafters, Real won 2, drew 1/3 of the recent match against Elche. 
- According to Asian rafters, Elche won 8, drew 1, lost 2/11 recent matches and won 4, drew 1, lost 1/6 of the latest home game. 
- According to Asian rafters, Real has won 6 recent matches and won 3, losing 1/4 of the last away game.


No more than 3 goals 
3/4 times met between the two teams recently, only at most 3 goals were scored. Elche's last 6/8 matches did not exceed 3 goals. The last 8/10 Real games have a similar situation.

Notable statistics

- Real won the last 5 matches in La Liga.

- Real won the last 4 matches against Elche in all competitions.

- Elche did not win in the last 8 matches in La Liga.

- Real won with a difference of at least 2 goals in the last 4 matches in La Liga.

- Real has scored at least 2 goals in the last 4 matches against Elche in all competitions.