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Ligue 1: MHSC vs PSG

Montpellier vs PSG 

It is undeniable that Montpellier is in very high form recently. However, the opponents coach Michel Der Zakarian and his teacher encounter are not highly appreciated for their ability. In this round, the encounter with a huge monument of French football is PSG. Obviously the ability of Montpellier to score at home is very small.

Montpellier team - Ligue 1

The only goal of striker Petar Skuletic was enough to help Montpellier beat Lorient to bring 3 points away. That victory also marked a period where coach and coach Michel Der Zakarian played extremely sublimated. Specifically, Montpellier won all four last rounds, in which they defeated Et.Etienne, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Lorient. Since the beginning of the season, after 12 rounds, they have 7 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. Currently with 23 points, Montpellier is at 6th place in the standings. Even they are only 2 points behind PSG's first place and the chance for them to break through is very bright. Although in good form, the fact that the opponents Montpellier has encountered recently are not overestimated. Therefore, facing a mighty PSG will be a difficult challenge for coach Michel Der Zakarian and his students.

PSG team - Ligue 1

PSG has just let Bordeaux draw 2-2 regretfully at home. Before that, coach Thomas Tuchel and his teachers lost to Monaco (2-3). Thus, with 2 consecutive losing points, PSG is being behind the group by a considerable gap. Specifically, the visitors are at the top of the Ligue 1 BXH after gaining 25 points over 12 rounds. They are 1 point more than the chasing group and even kick 1 match more than Marseille's second place. Thus, the initiative is no longer within the reach of PSG. The cause of PSG's decline over the past time is very clear, when they have to focus on fighting in the Champions League. With 2 wins against RB Leipzig and Man Utd recently, PSG's goal is almost completed. Therefore, teachers and coaches Thomas Tuchel promises to have the strongest return in the upcoming Montpellier clash.