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Ligue 1: PSG vs FCL

PSG vs Lorient

Last weekend, despite playing at home, PSG suddenly lost to Lyon.  It was Tuchel's teacher and coach's sixth defeat in all competitions this season, equivalent to the total number of failures of the previous season (49 matches).  In other words, PSG has weakened significantly.

PSG's decline is largely due to the pillars being unable to maintain their form or being continuously injured (or Covid-19 infection).  PSG now has to rely too much on certain stars like Kylian Mbappe or Neymar, so when the duo blockade or fade, PSG's performance is immediately affected.

In the past 11 years, PSG has lost 4 matches again after 14 rounds in the Ligue 1 playground. The next match, they also lost Neymar injured at the end of the loss to Lyon.  Although the season is long and in many ways, PSG is superior to the rest of Ligue 1, so it seems not easy to overthrow their throne.

In the immediate future in the confrontation with Lorient tonight at home, PSG is more than able to find the feeling of victory.  The current away team is 17th, that is, just above the relegation zone and, in fact, just above the sub stats.

But last weekend, Lorient defeated her rival with Nimes, so the team spirit was very good.  Although the chance of getting points against PSG is still very small, but Lorient can afford to lose only slightly, like 3/4 of recent failures.