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Ligue 1: PSG vs RCSA

This season is not going well with PSG. After 16 rounds, they only have 32 points and are third, behind Lille and Lyon 1 point above the gap. Meanwhile, in the back, Marseille had 28 points but kicked less than 2 matches. Apparently, the throne of Tuchel's teachers and students is being fiercely tested.

This round, PSG is played at home and meets Strasbourg, 16th-ranked opponent in the standings, just 2 points more than the red light area. However, PSG only accepts 1 1/2, the handicap is not low, but it still does not accurately reflect the relationship between the two parties. It is important to remember that the last 4 times of receiving Strasbourg at home, PSG has never accepted less than 2 goals and all 4 matches they won the gap to overcome the Asian rate (TLCA).

In fact, the performance of the champion over the past time has not created great confidence. They lost to Lyon in the den and were later held by Lille. Calculated, the last 3 rounds, PSG lost to TLCA. Meanwhile, Strasbourg is more or less prosperous when he only lost 1/5 of the last round and won both away matches. 

In addition, Strasbourg lost only to TLCA in the last 1/8 PSG trip. In addition, this match, the capital club lost a series of pillars due to injury, in which the latest case is the top star Neymar. With a patchy roster, PSG may find it difficult to stumble against Strasbourg, but will only win lightly.