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What is the NFL?

If we want to understand RedZone, we first have to learn a little about the NFL. 

The acronym NFL stands for National Football League , a competition in which 32 teams face each other during a long and intense 17-week season.

It is an extremely popular sport in the United States, with about 18.6 million Americans watching football every Sunday night .

But with so many teams and matches at the same time, how do they keep up with what happens to the Americans?

This is where NFL RedZone comes in.

What is NFL RedZone?

NFL RedZone is an NFL channel where you can watch all the games simultaneously.

It is broadcast every Sunday and shows touchdowns, field goals, important plays and the most relevant data, so viewers are always seeing something interesting.

The name of the program "RedZone" comes from a term used in American football. The “Red Zone" is that space that set between the line of the goal and the line of 20-yard . That is, it is when one of the teams is more likely to score.