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Serie A: Geno vs AC Milan

Genoa vs Milan 

In order for Parma to hold a draw in the previous round, AC Milan was chased by the group to narrow the gap significantly. Although still standing on the top of the rankings, it is clear that coach Stefano Pioli's army needs to quickly return to the winning circuit. Therefore, encounter a succulent prey struggling in a group of red lights like Genoa. Obviously, AC Milan has no reason to refuse 3 points.

Genoa - SerieATIM 

The equalizer of midfielder Stefano Sturaro is not enough to help Genoa escape the 1-3 defeat at the Juventus reception. Obviously, against such a very strong opponent, that result is not much of a surprise to the experts. Quite unlucky for Genoa when the next round they stabbed into AC Milan, an even bigger challenge at the moment. Things are even more difficult for teachers and coaches Rolando Maran, when this is a period when they are not in good shape. Through 11 rounds in Serie A this season, Genoa only won 6 points and stood second on the table. Their achievements are from 1 meager victory, 3 draws and 7 defeats. Since the beginning of the season they have only scored 10 goals and conceded 22 times. Thus, the risk of relegation is very clear for Genoa because they are 3 points behind the safe group and have not shown signs of progress.

AC Milan - SerieATIM 

If his opponent is playing very badly, AC Milan is having an unexpected sublime season. Currently, coach Stefano Pioli's army is leading the Serie A chart with a record of winning 8, drawing 3 and having not received any defeat after 11 rounds. With 27 points, AC Milan is 3 points higher than the neighbor's second place Inter Milan. The gap can be leveled after just one game, so the red half of Milan needs to keep his stability and keep each score against weak opponents. Remember in the last round they made a mistake and only got 1 point in their encounter with Parma. Of course it will be a lesson for AC Milan to aim for this guest trip. Be aware that AC Milan is unbeaten in 18 away games in all competitions. Everything more and more support AC Milan because the last 3 times as Genoa's guests, AC Milan left with 3 maximum points.