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Serie A: Inter vs Naples

Inter Milan vs Napoli

Inter Milan is in extremely high form at the moment, at this time, teachers and coaches Antonio Conte are very close to the top of the neighbor of AC Milan. However, Napoli is not an easy opponent. Even the performance and achievement of teachers and coaches Gennaro Gattuso are not inferior to their opponents. Obviously, this will be a "balance of balance" match and victory will belong to any name who knows better.

Inter Milan - SerieATIM 

Leave Cagliari ahead and expect another game to lose points. But within the last 15 minutes of the match, Inter Milan scored 3 goals to leave with a 3-1 victory. It can be said that this is the period where coach and coach Antonio Conte are performing a very convincing performance in Serie A. Accordingly, the last 4 rounds of Inter Milan have won to bring all 12 points. Through 11 rounds, Inter Milan won 24 points and ranked 2nd in the standings. At this time, they are only inferior to the top team AC Milan by the distance of 1 victory. With the current breakthrough, the opportunity to reach the top of the table is very bright for Inter Milan. The only black point of Inter Milan this season is the Champions League playground. The arena in which they have the second consecutive season cannot pass the group stage.

Napoli - SerieATIM 

If his opponent is performing a convincing performance in Serie A, Napoli will not be less. After 11 rounds this season, Napoli won 8 and lost 3. The result gave them 23 points and are ranked 3rd in the standings with 1 point worse than Inter Milan. In fact, if not lost to Juventus (0-3) and received a penalty of 1 point, Napoli is in a better position than now. In terms of form, Napoli has a series of 3 wins in Serie A. If in all competitions, Napoli is unbeaten 6 matches, including 4 wins and 2 draws. In particular, Napoli has not lost a match in their last 6 trips away from home. At the Europa League playground, Napoli also has a ticket to continue with the top of Group F. Therefore, teachers and coaches Gennaro Gattuso can completely focus on Serie A in the coming time.