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Serie A: Juve vs Atalanta

Juventus vs Atalanta

Since rising in the last few seasons, Atalanta has always known how to make it difficult for Juventus. However, this is the moment when the "Queen" is visibly downhill. Meanwhile, Juventus gradually regained stability after a struggling start. In addition to playing at the Allianz nest, it is hard to escape the reach of Mrs. Dam Gia of Turin.

Juventus - SerieATIM 

This was the period where Juventus showed a terrible form in all fronts. In the Champions League, the Lady Dam Gia of Turin buried Barcelona up to 3 goals, not immediately removed in Spain to continue with the top of the table. Their opponents in the knockout round were only FC Porto and it was not until mid-February of the following year that the Champions League returned. Thus, the coming time will be an opportunity for Juventus to speed up in Serie A. A few days ago they buried Genoa right on away field. It was a match in which Ronaldo continued to open fire with a double goal, and Dybala also made a mark with a goal. Thus, in the last 10 appearances, coach Andrea Pirlo's teachers and coaches were completely unbeaten when they drew 2 and won to 8. In the Serie A playground, Juventus did not know the taste of defeat when winning 6 and drawing 5. They currently have 23 points and are in 4th place on the chart with 4 points less than the top of AC Milan. Especially at home Juventus is playing well with winning all 4 times to welcome the most recent visitors.

Atalanta - SerieATIM 

Just in the last few seasons, Atalanta has suddenly exploded to become a force of Italian football. Even not only playing well in the domestic playground, but the imprint of Atalanta in the Champions League is also extremely clear. Last season "Queen" advanced to the quarterfinals and this season also excellently passed the group stage. Remember, the group Atalanta has played this season has both Liverpool and Ajax. In Serie A this season, Atalanta is playing quite poorly. It seems that too much focus on the Champions League puts them down. Currently Atalanta has only won 5 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses after 10 rounds. This rather poor result made Atalanta drop to 9th in the rankings with 17 points. In the previous round, they buried Fiorentina 3 goals without removing to mark their comeback. However, being a guest of Juventus will be a big challenge. Should remember.