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Serie A: Juve vs Torino

Juventus vs Torino

Facing a slumping Torino this season with Juventus will be an opportunity for the Serie A champions to find a victory for their journey to defend the championship title.

Juventus - SerieATIM 

Having soon completed their goals in the Champions League with a ticket to continue with Juventus, they continue to return to their difficult task. Currently, teachers and coaches Andrea Pirlo are having many disadvantages for their championship race when there are 6 points less than the current leading AC Milan.

Being able to see a gap of 6 points from the current lead with Juventus fans is hard to accept. However, under the current coach Andrea Pirlo, at this Serie A playground, Juventus has never tasted defeat when 9 rounds have passed their achievements are 4 wins and 5 draws. In the next 10 round, Juventus opponent will be another representative of the Turin city, Torino, who is showing a pretty decline in the season. Although considered a derby of the same city, Juventus always proved to be superior when winning 8/10 recent confrontations and maintaining an unbeaten record. This is the basis for fans and coaches, coach Andrea Pirlo, to head for the next victory for the home team.

Torino - SerieATIM 

On the other side of the field, Torino got a 2-2 draw at home against Sampdoria in the previous round. This result is somewhat unfortunate for "Bull" when the opponent is not too strong a name. This achievement also makes the teacher and coach Marco Giampaolo still unable to leave the relegation group this season when they are still in the relegation group this season.

From the beginning of the season until now, Torino has only got 1 win and 3 draws while losing 5 rounds. With 6 points obtained through 9 rounds of this season, coaches and teachers Marco Giampaolo is being abandoned by the relegation group with 2 points on the current rankings. This is a concern for Torino because their poor performance may continue to last when the upcoming 10th round, they have to be a guest against Juventus. The next failure of coach Marco Giampaolo can also be predicted.