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Serie A: Juventus vs Fiorent

Juventus vs Fiorentina

Burying Parma to 4 goals without equalizer in the previous round, Juventus is gradually proving the level of the king of pasta football. Obviously in Serie A, the Old Lady of Turin is still a different name compared to the rest of the tournament. With the stability being so far, a weak Fiorentina is difficult to surprise before Ronaldo and his teammates.

Juventus team - SerieATIM 

This is a season where Juventus kicked off slower than usual, but the better the game is and the Old Lady of Turin is gradually regaining the championship's level. The match against Ronaldo and his teammates subdued Parma 4-0, the match in which the Portuguese star gave himself a double goal. Obviously compared to the previous period, Juventus has now shown its great progress in the Serie A playground. Considering in the last 6 matches in all competitions, "Old Lady" is unbeaten when winning 5 and drawing 1. On the current chart, Juventus climbed to 3rd place in the standings with 27 points after 13 rounds. They are 4 points behind AC Milan and need a stability to continue to break through. Since the beginning of the season, Juventus has not had any failure in the Serie A playground. In which they won 7 and drew 6, the number shows that it is not easy for any team to beat the "Old Lady". 

Fiorentina - SerieATIM 

Also a familiar name and very real in Serie A, but Fiorentina is also causing great disappointment this season. In terms of form, from November to the present time, Fiorentina still does not know the taste of victory when drawing 5 matches and losing 4 after 9 appearances. Calculated, the last 8 rounds in Serie A, Fiorentina were unbeaten and there were 4 defeats. Such poor performance caused the visitors to fall to 16th place in the rankings with 11 points obtained. In which the specific results that Fiorentina have are 2 wins, 5 draws and 6 defeats. Away from home, Fiorentina's recent 5 trips away from home lost 3 and drew 2. Even those 3 defeats have a difference of at least 2 goals. So, in the last 6 times as a Juventus guest, Fiorentina has lost and conceded 14 goals. With these developments.