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Serie A: Parm vs Juve

Parma vs Juventus

Along with AC Milan, Juventus is one of the two clubs still unbeaten in Serie A this season.  But unlike the Milan football team, teachers and students Andrea Pirlo drew 6 matches after 12 rounds.  Therefore, the defending champion is now only 3rd in the rankings, 4 points behind AC Milan.

However, the season is still long and the 4-point gap is not too wide.  In the previous round a few days ago, Juventus was held 1-1 by Atalanta at home.  In fact, that day Juventus created a comprehensive overwhelming stance and just did not win because of a bit of bad luck, including the situation of Cristiano Ronaldo's 11m shot.

In general, Juventus has flourished significantly in terms of gameplay compared to the beginning of the season.  However, in order to protect the championship they have held for the past nine years, Juventus needs to deal with underdogs like Parma.

Since the beginning of Serie A 2020/21, Juventus has had 3 unfortunate draws against underdogs (Crotone, Hellas Verona or Benevento).

In terms of form, Parma only lost 1/8 of the last round and they drew 6/12 matches, equal to Juventus (the most tournament).  But the difference is that Juventus knows to score goals, and Parma only knows players.  After 12 games, Parma only scored 12 goals, equal to half of Juventus.

Notably, in the last 3 home games, Parma did not celebrate the goal once.  Of course, to get the full 3 points, Juventus will have to rely heavily on top star Cristiano Ronaldo.  Currently, the Portuguese star has 10 goals, sharing the leading position in the list of "top scorer" with Zlatan Ibrahimovic of AC Milan.  In the past, CR7 had 4 encounters with Parma and scored 4 goals.