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Serie A: Samp vs Milan

Sampdoria vs Milan 

Showing an extremely depressed face recently, this turn back at home adds more pressure to Sampdoria, the most important thing is that their opponent is AC Milan, extremely fastidious.

Sampdoria - SerieATIM 

Clashing with Torino in round 9, Serie A recently thought that Sampdoria could end their lackluster days, but with recent unstable performance they only kept 1 point to extend the number of games. His win recently to 5 consecutive matches, Sampdoria is temporarily ranked 11th with 11 points.

It is easy to see the decline of Sampdoria's form after recent matches and it is because of that decline that their home matches are not too positive, especially after the defeat against Genoa at So far, they have to take up to 3 unsuccessful matches at Comunale Luigi Ferraris, so even though they can return to their home country to play in this round, the chance for them to bring a beneficial result is not too much, not to mention their team is extremely superior to them in terms of strength and form.

AC Milan - SerieATIM 

On the other side of the field, the Milan team is sublimating through each recent match when in the UEFA Europa League group stage they got a ticket to go ahead 1 round, while in Serie A they fell at the top Group thanks to 7 wins, 2 draws and no match after 9 current rounds.

AC Milan is no stranger to the top 6 of Serie A in recent years, but this season they have had a very strong transformation when they are cherishing Juventus's dream of usurping the throne. At the end of the 9th round, they are still holding the top position with 23 points, widening the gap with the team ranked behind to 5 points quite safe. Despite having to be a guest here, the army of coach Stefano Pioli is quite confident when after 16 recent matches of marching away from home recently, they have never played a single match on both fronts.