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UCL: Ajax vs Atalanta

Ajax vs Atalanta 

Being behind Atalanta on the rankings with 1 point less than nowadays Ajax is forced to go to his mortal match for the second ticket to continue in Group D group stage Champions League.

Ajax - UEFA Champions League 

The 0-1 defeat against Liverpool in the previous round made Ajax's situation in the Champions League group stage quite difficult when they were surpassed by Atalanta on the rankings. However, the Dutch football representative still hopes to continue if they defeat the Serie A representative at home in the last match.

In terms of their performance in the past time, we can see that Ajax is showing a not really impressive face. Most recently, teacher and coach Erik ten Hag had to receive 1-2 defeat at home before Twente Enschede was not highly appreciated. Although this loss did not affect the current leading position of Ajax's domestic playground, more or less it created a volatile mentality for the Dutch football champions before the game of death. Moreover, Atalanta is also a not too easy opponent for Erik ten Hag's army in the 6th match of Group D. That is why Ajax can completely face problems.

Atalanta - UEFA Champions League 

On the other side of the pitch, Atalanta lost his golden opportunity by letting Midtjylland hold in his previous round. This draw makes the chances of the Italian football representative more difficult because they will have to be a guest against their direct competitor, Ajax in the final round of the group stage.

It can be predicted that Atalanta's upcoming trip as a guest will be very difficult when Ajax with home advantage is always their strong point. However, the minimum task of coach Gian Piero Gasperini's teachers and students is a draw to get the ticket to continue, this is not impossible when they participated in the quarterfinals last season. this head. Besides, Atalanta's great determination with the total play and speed will also be threats to the home team because if the opportunity is taken when Ajax is up to find a goal, it will be time for the Coach Gian Piero Gasperini's student counterattack. So Atalanta can confidently pass the group stage. 
Ajax vs Atalanta