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UCL: Atleti vs Bayern

Atletico Madrid vs Bayern Munich

For Lokomotiv Moscow to hold a draw at home a week ago, Atletico Madrid are making it difficult for themselves on their journey to find a ticket to continue in the Champions League playground. At this time, the army of coach Diego Simeone was forced to defeat Bayern Munich in order to determine their own fate. Whether with the Wanda Metropolitano fulcrum, Atletico Madrid players can take advantage of the opportunity to bring back 3 points in gold.

Atletico Madrid - Champions League

Being in the table is not too difficult, it seems that Atletico Madrid will easily get a ticket to go with Bayern Munich. However, while Germany's "Gray Lobster" is doing too well its duties, Atletico Madrid repeatedly stumbles regretfully. Over 4 matches, Atletico Madrid only won Salzburg (3-2) at home, the rest drew 2 and lost 1. In which 2 consecutive draws against Lokomotiv Moscow were the result to blame for the teachers and coaches. Diego Simeone. Currently the team with the nickname Los Colchoneros is ranked second in the standings with 5 points, they are only 2 points behind the team and can not have tickets to continue. With the situation like this time, Atletico Madrid must defeat Bayern Munich to take autonomy. After the 0-4 defeat in the first leg, perhaps many people lost faith in Atletico Madrid. But be aware that. 

Bayern Munich - Champions League

Going upstream to beat Stuttgart (1-3), Bayern Munich shows great stability in this season. Currently "Gray Lobster" has 22 points for himself after 9 rounds in the Bundesliga with the top of the rankings. Not only playing well in the domestic arena, but Bayern Munich is also showing an extremely destructive form in the Champions League. The proof is that after 4 rounds they won to bring back 12 full points. The top of the table is definitely in the hands of Bayern Munich and perhaps the students of coach Hansi Flick are not too salty, but in the last two matches. Especially when the pressure in the Bundesliga with the dense schedule ahead is great. In terms of form, "Gray Lobster" also plays impressively when they are unbeaten in the last 10 appearances, of which they won 9 matches. The loss to Atletico Madrid with a score of 0-1 at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in both of the last two encounters.