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UCL: Barca vs Juve

Barcelona vs Juventus 

Although the confrontation does not mean much when both teams are sure to continue, Barcelona and Juventus are still waiting to promise a match between the two stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Barcelona - UEFA Champions League 

Playing quite poorly in La Liga this season when they have just received 1-2 losses at Cadiz Stadium, but with Barcelona in the Champions League they are showing a completely opposite face. Through his 5 matches in Group G, Barcelona has a winning tochs, thereby almost firmly holding the top position of the current group.

In fact, Barcelona soon got their ticket to go ahead before two rounds, but the students of coach Ronald Koeman easily defeated Ferencvarosi TC with 3 separate goals to be able to keep the top of their group. Confronting Juventus in the final round of this Group G, fans are waiting for the reunion of two football stars in the world today, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Although the factor does not matter much in the competition for places on the rankings, the confrontation is forecasted to be a lot of tension and attraction. Especially when Barcelona once defeated Juventus in the last leg, but with the current form of the home team, having one more win will not be easy.

 Juventus - UEFA Champions League 

Meanwhile with Juventus also soon achieved its goal in the Champions League group stage this season with an early ticket before 2 rounds. The achievement of the champions of Serie A after the last 5 rounds is 4 wins and 1 losses, thereby gaining 12 points, along with the second place of the group.

Soon won their next ticket, but for the fans, they certainly could not forget the 0-2 defeat against Barcelona at their home field. Therefore, the current teacher and coach Andrea Pirlo is aiming to reclaim the debt before La Liga representative. In the past, Juventus has combined two of its winning matches in all competitions. With the current stability with Juventus, they will also somewhat gain the spirit for their upcoming trip. Past record Juventus, despite having a disadvantage against Barcelona, ​​but if they keep their current form, their ability to win is still positive when Barcelona are not reaching their best form.