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UCL: BMG vs Inter Milan

Monchengladbach vs Inter Milan 

Located in the difficult group and underestimated for the opportunity to continue, but Gladbach is creating a series of surprises in the Champions League this season. Even a victory over Inter Milan will help representatives from the Bundesliga officially have tickets to continue. It is of course the impetus that cannot be stronger for teachers and coaches Marco Rose to make an effort at this welcome.

Gladbach - Champions League

Before Group B- Champions League this season started, Gladbach was not appreciated for his ability to pass the group stage. It is not surprising, when this group also has the presence of both Real Madrid and Inter Milan. However, with great determination, Gladbach is creating too many surprises. The proof is that the teacher and coach Marco Rose is leading the rankings with 8 points after 4 matches. At the same time, Gladbach is the team that has never received any defeat in this group. Currently, the Borussia-Park home team is 1 point ahead of Real Madrid's 2nd place and Shakhtar Donetsk's 3rd place 4 points. Thus, if you beat Inter Milan in this match, Gladbach will officially pass the group stage before the final match takes place. Of course, Gladbach will not want "a long night of dreams", because the last match they have to meet Real Madrid in Spain. In terms of performance, Gladbach is extremely stable, losing only 1/10 of his recent appearances. A great basis for coach Marco Rose and his students to get 3 points in the next match.

Inter Milan - Champions League

Along with Real Madrid, Inter Milan is highly appreciated in Group B- Champions League this season. However, the army of coach Antonio Conte was extremely disappointed and faced the risk of stopping early from the group stage. Through 4 matches, Inter Milan did not have any victories, in which they drew 2 and lost 2. Thus, the representative from Serie A only gave himself 2 points and stood at the bottom of the table. With the current situation, Inter Milan no longer has the right to self-determination and must win both matches. In the last match, Inter Milan lost at home to Real Madrid (0-2). The biggest bright spot for teachers and coaches Antonio Conte is the domestic playground. Where Inter Milan climbed to second place in Serie A after winning at Sassuolo a few days ago. In the first leg, Inter Milan let Gladbach draw 2-2 at home.