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UCL: BVB vs Lazio

Dortmund vs Lazio

Just one more victory Dortmund will surely get the ticket to continue as well as lead Group F despite the results of the remaining round in the Champions League this season.

Dortmund - UEFA Champions League  

After a 1-3 defeat against Lazio in the opening round of the group, Dortmund had a complete transformation when they won all three consecutive rounds recently. The impressive achievements of the Bundesliga representatives are that they scored up to 8 goals in the last 3 rounds but still kept their net clean to rise to the top of the rankings.

With Dortmund now, they only need one more victory in the last two rounds to officially lead Group F with their next ticket. The upcoming welcome to Lazio at home with Dortmund is a difficult challenge because the opponent has defeated them in the first leg this season. However, playing at home along with it is a great spirit to reclaim the debt before, surely the yellow shirt team will have to be determined a lot for their winning goal. Moreover, the excellence of young striker Haaland in the Champions League will now be a huge threat to Lazio's visitors.

Lazio - UEFA Champions League 

3-1 victory over Zenit St.Petersburg in the last round has helped Lazio firmly build his second place in the current rankings. The Serie A football representative got 8 points along with 4 more points than his opponent chasing behind in the rankings, Club Brugge.

Lazio's success in the Champions League this season is worth noting because this is his return to Europe's No. 1 playground after many years of absence. Coach Simone Inzaghi's teachers and students have more or less achieved their goals in the group when they are holding great advantages for the competition for the next ticket of this group. However, the upcoming trip to Dortmund is expected to be more or less good for Simone Inzaghi and his students when their performance this year has more or less declined. The current 9th in Serie A is a testament to these difficulties for Lazio as they have to march away from home against an opponent who is judged to be their superiority at this moment.