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UCL: FTC vs Barca

Ferencvaros vs Barcelona

Despite having a ticket to continue, Barcelona still needs 3 points to keep the top of the G-Champions League. Of course, in front of a weak opponent like Ferencvaros, that goal is not too much for teacher and coach Ronald Koeman.

Ferencvaros - Champions League

Just a representative from Hungarian football, so participating in the G-Champions League group including Barcelona and Juventus is not an easy challenge. The fact has also proved that, when Ferencvaros is proving too weak compared to the top strong teams in the continent. At this time, after going through 4 matches, Ferencvaros only got 1 point and stood at the bottom of the table. The only score that this team has is before Dynamo Kyiv, the name is also underestimated in this group. Being 8 points behind Juventus 'second place, so Ferencvaros' goal is only towards 3rd place of the group with a ticket to play in the Europa League. In terms of form, except for playing badly on the continental playground, in the Hungarian national league, Ferencvaros still has impressive performances at this time. After 10 rounds, Ferencvaros has 26 points and is firmly at the top of the rankings. They have not even lost in the domestic playground until now, which includes 2 draws and 8 wins.

Barcelona - Champions League

Barcelona's strength in the continental playground is undeniable, especially when this team is in the group that is not too difficult. After going through 4 matches, Barcelona won to bring 12 full points. This result helps teachers and coaches Ronald Koeman firmly in the first place with 3 points more than Juventus. Another victory over Ferencvaros will secure the first place for Barcelona and of course that is the goal that this team is aiming for. Despite playing well in the Champions League, but in La Liga Barcelona is in short supply in the championship race. Specifically, after 9 rounds, the away team has 14 points and is ranked 7th in the standings. Being 10 points behind the top spot, the road ahead is really tough. In the first leg, Barcelona crushed Ferencvaros 5-1. The away team is also the name that owns the 3rd most powerful attack in the group stage with 13 goals.