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UCL: LFC vs Ajax

Liverpool vs Ajax

Despite having home advantage, it is clear that this cannot be an easy game for The Kop. Remember that Ajax is not a dream man in the European playground and this team is also in a situation where there is nothing to lose. After the defeat at Anfield against Atalanta, Liverpool fans have reason to worry about the fate of coach Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool team - Champions League

Let Brighton draw 1-1 in the last round of the Premier League, so Liverpool still cannot break through to the top of the standings. At this time, Coach Jurgen Klopp and his students have 21 points in hand after 10 rounds and are in second place in the standings. However, they are only behind Tottenham because they are inferior in goal difference. From the beginning of the season, The Kop lost only 1, drew 3 and triumphed to 6 matches. In the continental arena Liverpool are topping Group D with 9 points after 4 matches. With just over 2 teams behind 2 points, Liverpool need to beat Ajax in this match to officially have tickets to continue. It is not an easy task, as Liverpool is facing too many personnel problems. Not to mention, Liverpool has plowed too many fronts and the players' fitness is no longer able to keep the best concentration possible.

Ajax - Champions League

As a powerful representative of Dutch football, Ajax is no stranger to the Champions League playground. After 4 matches they have given themselves 7 points and are right behind Liverpool. To keep hoping to continue, Ajax need to beat Liverpool, or at least get 1 point to leave. Because in the last match they will also face Atalanta in Italy. Ajax's current form is too convincing. Even the away team has won all the last 6 appearances. If you count further, Ajax is unbeaten in all of the last 8 appearances and only draws 1 in it. In the domestic playground at this time, Ajax is firmly at the top of the rankings after bringing 27 points in 10 rounds. Winning 9 and losing only 1 game has shown the terrifying power of Ajax. Even Coach Erik ten Hag's army won 4 and drew only 1 in 5 recent trips away from home.